To communicate is to inform. Communication is the means by which a business creates a relationship with the world, creating awareness of the business and making it reachable.
Discountitalia specializes in integrated business communications solutions, curating the development of your business’s image at every level, from printing to online graphics that combine originality with clarity of content.

Our expertise allows us to develop internet products of high graphic quality, elegant design, structural clarity, fast downloads, and ease of navigation within the site. Every detail of each project is tailored to the needs and the style of the client, including text layouts which ensure the speed and immediate comprehension of information for your clients.
These are our primary services, for which we offer free estimates and full assistance:

- Web graphics and layouts
- Content development and translation in any language
- Slogans
- Flash animation
- Video spots
- Multimedia and photography services
- Planning and strategy
- Interactive components (news, downloads, client area, etc)
- Keyword indexing on major search engines, SEO
- Web advertising
- Banner designs for special campaigns
- Maintenance and updating
- Web programming in any language
- Personalized solutions for internet commerce


Discountitalia’s specialty is the development of one-of-a-kind solutions. Thanks to the creative skills of professionals who combine artistry and design technology with communications expertise, we can produce original and personalized graphics to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Web development

We offer:

- Logo design
- Business cards
- Headed paper
- Envelopes
- Promotional gadgets
- Advertising images
- Brochures
- Flyers
- Calendars
- Digital conversion of manual design into digital format
- Posters and placards
- Press office


Email : info@discountitalia.net

Phone : (+39) 347.644.00.82


Address :Viale Europa n.34 - 50126 - Firenze - Italia